Historical Clans

Our focus centers on three prominent historical clans and their lineages:

Woon Family:

Originating as a significant figure in the timber trade, the Woon Family's patriarch, Woon Keng Lim, is believed to have roots in Guangzhou (Cantonese dialect). In 1900, they migrated from Guangzhou to Singapore. Notably, Woon Khai Boon was adopted, and the details of his biological parents remain untraceable.

Chan Pak Lin Family:

Hailing from Penang, Malaysia, Chan Pak Lin's origins can be traced back to Guangzhou (Cantonese dialect). Around 1900, his family migrated from Guangzhou to Malaysia. Chan Pak Lin eventually settled in Singapore, likely during the 1920s.

Chan Kwee Leng Family:

The roots of Chan Kwee Leng's family can be traced to Swatow, China. In the 1890s, his parents migrated to Singapore, where they raised five children.

woon family clan

Woon Family Clan Members

L to R: Grandma Woon, Woon, Poh Lin, Woon, Keng Lim, Mr. Ho, Ho, Wai Yin Christopher, maid, Man, Woon, Khai Boon

chan pak lin family clan

Chan Pak Lin Family Clan Members

L to R: Chan, Yee Kheng, Tai Mui (Lai Ku's children), Chan, Peng Wah Victor, boy (Lai Ku's children), Chan, Pak Lin, Chan Pak Lin's mother Leong, Ng Sum, Chan, Peng Fong Albert, Phoon, Lai Cheng, Chan Pak Lin's Youngest Sister Chan, Lai Khoo, Sai Mui (Lai Ku's children), Chan, Yee Ying, Pang, Yam Mun

chan Kwee Leng family

Chan Kwee Leng Family Clan Members