Chan, Yee Ying

Born in 1927, died in 2020 at age 93.

Daughter of Chan, Pak Lin and Phoon, Lai Cheng

Part of the Chan Pak Lin Family Clan Members

Married to Pang, Yew Tong - 1910 (Famous Tailor)

Parents of:
Pang, Yam Mun
Pang, Cheng Mun
Pang, Yin Leng maybe Pang Yee Leng
Pang, Wai Mun

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chan yee ying
2019 Feb. Woon, Yew Thong and Chan, Yee Ying

chan yee ying
1955 Chan Yee Ying and family
L to R: Pang Cheng Mun, Chan Yee Yin, Pang Yeu Tong, Pang Yam Mun, Pang Wai Mum (to be born)

chan yee kheng
1968 at Victor Chan's Home
L to R:
Chan, Pak Lin, Wai Mui Mui, Chan, Peng Wah Victor, Chan, Yee Mei Emily, Chan, Yee Kheng, Chan, Yee Ying
chan yee ying
chan yee ying
1959 Chan Yee Ying and Pang Yew Tong