The website woonfamily.com is a comprehensive portal dedicated to documenting the rich history of the Woon family, tracing their lineage, significant events, and contributions over multiple generations. This site serves as a valuable resource for family members and future generations, offering detailed historical accounts, photographs, and personal stories.

Summary of Content

1. Family History: The website meticulously traces the family's roots back to Woon Keng Lim, who migrated from Guangzhou to Singapore in the early 1900s. It highlights key family members across five generations, detailing their lives, marriages, and contributions.

2. Historical Clans: It features detailed narratives about the Woon family and related clans such as the Chan Pak Lin and Chan Kwee Leng families, providing a broader context of their migration and settlement in Southeast Asia.

3. Personal Stories and Memories: The site includes personal anecdotes and memories, such as significant family events, challenges, and achievements. These stories are complemented by historical photographs, offering a vivid glimpse into the family’s past.

4. Mission and Purpose: The portal's mission is to preserve and share the Woon family's legacy, ensuring that future generations can access and appreciate their heritage. It is a community-managed project, encouraging family members to contribute and keep the history alive.

Importance of the Website

- Preservation of Heritage: It serves as a digital archive, preserving the family's history and ensuring that stories, photographs, and documents are not lost to time.
- Educational Resource: For younger family members and future generations, it provides an educational resource about their ancestry and cultural roots.
- Community Engagement: The portal fosters a sense of community and belonging, encouraging contributions from family members to build a comprehensive family history.
- Historical Context: By documenting the migration and settlement patterns, it offers insights into broader historical and social contexts, particularly the Chinese diaspora in Southeast Asia.

For anyone interested in learning more or contributing to the family history, you can email me at woonyt@yahoo.com.sg for more information


Q: What is the purpose of this Woon Family History Portal?
A: To allow us to record our memories here and share with future generations

Q: Who can view information here?
A: Public information can be view by anyone. Private information are restricted via Registered Users

Q: Who owns/manages Woon Family History Portal?
A: It's a community-managed project. You are invited to help!

Q: How can I find out more?
A: Email me at woonyt@yahoo.com.sg for more information

Q: Why are we doing this?
A: Read here about The Lemon Gravity of Time