Surabaya Malang Holiday

surabaya malang holiday tour

surabaya malang holiday tour

5D4N Surabaya and Malang Holiday Tour Package at $1,200 per pax

(Earlybird order before Dec. 31 - 5% off)


  1. Scoot airline with check-in luggage
  2. Guided tour
  3. All meals included
  4. Mini-bus transportation included
  5. Batu Love Garden
  6. See itinerary for more details

Surabaya and Malang are two captivating cities in East Java, Indonesia, each offering its own unique charm and attractions.

Both offer a diverse range of experiences, from history and culture in Surabaya to natural beauty and adventure in Malang.

Combining a visit to both cities allows you to explore the best of East Java's urban and natural attractions.

Surabaya: Historical Significance, Cultural Diversity, Shopping, Culinary Delights.

Malang: Scenic Beauty, Cool Climate, Colonial Architecture.

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2023 Nov. 14 - Group tour to Surabaya and Malang
2024 Mar. departure (minimum 7 passengers to go)
2024 Jun. departure (minimum 7 passengers to go)