The Lemon Gravity of Time

The Lemon Gravity of Time

Ask yourself:

1. Do you want to be a number in your ancestor thousands of generations?

2. Do you want to be unique person and be counted in future generations?

3. In the past, we do not have the technology to keep track of human, but we do now.


The following views are my own personal opinions from my life experience.
Nothing to do with Religions, Beliefs, Cultures, Science, Races, Countries, Sex. Ethnicity, Nationality and everything in this world.

The Story

Let's assume the Human race started 6 millions years ago. Long after the world was created billions of years ago.

Let's focus on the last 10,000 years before, where civilization just started.

Cities created around 6,000 years ago.

In the last one thousand years ago, a man named "Woon" was born.

Assuming an average life span of 80 years, with family lines created every 25 year, we would have 40 generation of Woon Families being born.

Yet, I was able only to track 4 generations of families.

What happened to the other 36 generations?

Where did they come from and how the lived?

Chapter 1 - The Human Species

As life began millions of years ago, the human species has evolved with a passion for survival . . .

Chapter 2 - The Human Behavior

The human behavior is divided into two distinct groups . . .

Chapter 3 - The Hope

To help with order in a chaotic world, many great minds have created "Hopes" in our lives to survival . . .

Chapter 4 - Why animals are not shy walking in nude and humans do?

At what time humans changed and began to feel conscious about been nude . . . . . .

Chapter 5 - Circle of Life

If I have known what I know now during my baby time, I could have save 50% of my casual teen time !
I would have used all my time to complete my studies before 12 years old and start exploring the world.
There so many things you could have done and have a full lifetime of achievements . . . . . .

Chapter 6 - End of life

As you approach your end of your human life span, your view of life will change.
You starts to see everything around you with unusual calm . . . .

Chapter 7 - Murphy's Law with way of life

As you thought this is how life goes, a few major events may change your life destiny.
a) A major breakthrough / discovery that extends your human cells to live longer by 30%
b) A technology discovered by combining earth basic elements that produced a life changing experience
c) An alien spaceship landed on Earth tomorrow and brought advance technology that ends "end of life" cycle

Chapter 8 - The Lemon Gravity of Time Drive (our unique soul)

What makes each of us unique is our huge brain of experiences, knowledge and decision rules.
If we separate our body from our mind, we can begin to understand our soul.
Our body is just a platform.
Our mind are divided into two major parts - Memories and decision rules.
What makes us unique is the self-developing decision rules that guide our actions and responses.
We can duplicate our memories into another platform, but once our decision rules are changed, we become a different soul.
If we could do this . . . . . . . . .

Chapter 9 - Words of wisdom for future generations

  • Never quarrel when angry
  • Take a few steps back to cool down
  • Harsh words can be spoken easily, but hard to take back

This article is work-in-progress . . . .