Woon Family Clan Members

The Woon family is a large and multi-generational family with many members.
In the first generation, we have Woon Keng Lim and Grandma Woon.
Moving on to the second generation, we have Woon Poh Lin and Mr. Ho, Woon Wai Fong and Yow Thin Chee, and Woon Khai Boon and Chan Yee Kheng & Mary Lee.
The third generation includes Ho Wai Yin Christopher and his wife, Ho Yoke Kheng Irene and Tan Thiam Heng, Yow Mei Queen and her husband, Mei Lin Katherine and Khoo Tiong Tat Gabriel, and Yow Yeow Kuen.
The fourth generation includes Tan Ju Lin Lorraine, Tan Jin Kiat Augustine, Woon Sing Kiat Derrick and Lee JingPei, Woon Sing Yong Eric and Lee Hui En Marilynn, and Woon Jia Jun Shaun and Woon Jia Sheng Bryan.
Lastly, the fifth generation includes Woon Rui Xuan Theia, Woon Zhi Ying Andrea, Kee Maise, and Kee Maison. It's a big and diverse family with many wonderful members! 😊

1940 Grandpa Woon and family

Woon Family Clan
L to R: Grandma Woon, Woon, Poh Lin, Woon, Keng Lim, Mr. Ho, Ho, Wai Yin Christopher, maid, Man, Woon, Khai Boon

woon poh lin woon khai boon woon family

1965 Woon family at Katong's home

L to R: Woon, Poh Lin, Mr. Ho, Ho, Yoke Kheng Irene, Woon, Yew Thong, Grandma Woon, Woon, Lai Fun, Maid, Ho, Wai Yin Christopher, Woon, Yew Meng Daniel, Ho Wai Yin's Wife, Ho, Wai Yin's Daughter

woon khai boon queen elizabeth walk

1966 Woon Khai Boon and family at Queen Elizabeth Walk

L to R: Woon, Yew Meng Daniel, Woon, Lai Fun, Woon, Yew Thong, Chan, Yee Kheng, Woon, Khai Boon

woon khai boon macritchie reservoir

1993 Woon Khai Boon and family at Macritchie Reservoir

Woon, Khai Boon, Lee, Mary, Woon, Yew Kwong David, Woon, Yew Meng Daniel,Woon, Lai Fun, Woon, Yew Thong

woon khai boon woon yew thong

2000 Woon Khai Boon and Family at Phoneix Hotel

L to R: Woon, Yew Kwong David, Tay, Kah Ling Lynn, Chan, Gek Choo Sally, Woon, Yew Thong, Lee, Mary, Woon, Yew Meng Daniel, Yeo, Hwee Luan Esther, Woon, Jia Sheng Bryan, Woon, Sing Yong Eric, Woon, Sing Kiat Derrick, Woon, Jia Jun Shaun, Woon, Sing Wei Andy, Woon, Khai Boon

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