Woon, Keng Lim

woon keng lim

Died: Feb. 7, 1961, Cemetery No. 2527 (Joseph)

1919 - Grandpa and Grandma married and stayed in a two-storey Terrace home at Katong

  • Woon, Keng Lim started a furniture business, importing rose wood from China and crafted into wooden Tables and large chests

1920 - Only Daughter - Woon, Poh Lin born

1931 - Wanted additional children and adopted a Daughter at age of 6 years old - Woon, Wai Fong (1925)

1937 - Wanted a son and adopted Woon, Khai Boon

1963 - Grandma died at home
1965 - Grandpa died
Gu Mar and Husband continue to stay at Katong home
1980 - Gu Mar died
1982 - Gu Mar’s Husband was transferred to old folks home
1983 - Katong Home was sold
1990 - Gu Mar’s Husband died

Woon Family's Grandfather and GrandMother

Parents of:

Woon, Poh Lin (1920) - Eldest Daughter, married to Mr. Ho (1919) in 1949
Woon, Wai Fong (1925) - 2nd Daughter (adopted), married to Yow, Thin Chee (1928) in 1955
Woon, Khai Boon (1937) - Son (adopted), Married to Chan, Yee Kheng in 1959 and Lee, Mary in 1972

woon khai boon

1953 Woon Khai Boon and Relatives

Woon Poh Lin Woon Yew Thong

1968 at Katong

L to R: Woon, Poh Lin, Mr. Ho Ho, Yoke Kheng Irene, Woon, Yew Thong, Woon Grandmother, Woon, Lai Fun, Maid, Ho, Wai Yin Christopher, Woon, Yew Meng Daniel, Ho Wai Yin's Wife, Ho, Wai Yin's Daughter

Woon, Keng Lim woon woon khai boon

1940 - Woon, Khai Boon and Woon, Keng Lim

Woon, Keng Lim woon woon khai boon

1953 - Woon, Khai Boon and Woon, Keng Lim

woon keng lim
woon keng lim