Woon Family 3019

Imagine . . .

a thousand years from now

your life experiences and memories

are retained and your love ones

can still get to know more about you

This is your Story . . . You control your own destiny

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Time is more valuable than money

You can get more money, but
you cannot get more time
. . . . Jim Rohn

Special focus on Jurong Crescent Road

Jurong Staff Quarters
Front View of Woon Family Home (Unit No. 60)
A two-storey block of seven homes.
Allocated as rental to employees working in Civil Radio Transmitting Station (Singapore Telecom).
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Historical Clans

woon khai boon family clan
The Woon Khai Boon Family - 1930's

chan pak lin family clan guangzhou
The Chan Pak Lin Family, ex-Guangzhou - 1930's

chan family clan swatow
The Chan Kwee Leng Family, ex-Swatow - 1900's

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