Memories by Vincent Anandraj

Posted by Vincent Anandraj (Jan. 2019)

I stumbled upon your wonderful website while I was researching for photos from my old home on Jurong Crescent.

My family lived in 67 Jurong Crescent.

We lived there from 1970 - 1984.

Those were the most wonderful years of my life. I was born in 1970.

My late father, Vincent Jothiraj, worked at the transmitting station (RTM then RTS then SBC).

I have now lived in the UK since 1991 and often reminisce about those good old days.

Would love to see more photos of Jurong Crescent if you had any.

Remember the lady who used to come a couple of times a week selling fish.
We would all gather in the shed right at the corner.

My parents were close to the Chan family. Mr Chan and his wife, Florence.
They had two children Han Peng and Ee Ling.

My brother and I were close to Han Peng who we used to call Ah Peng.

My best friend was call Jefrey Gomez who lived with his family in the estate.
His dad worked at the Transmission station too.