Memories by Vickna Senthil Kumar Anandarajah

Posted by Vickna Senthil Kumar Anandarajah (Sep. 2020)

Hi, my name is Vickna.

My father was Mr Anandarajah and we used to stay in No. 61.

We later moved to the engineers bungalow.

My dad retired in 1985 but reemployed and we moved out in 1986 to the 7 mile area and after my dad's passing to CCK.

I also went for my A levels at Jurong Institute which located in the 900 blks of Jurong West and I was lucky to see the station and bungalow still standing then in the 1989 - 1991, though sadly the terraces houses and the other quarters had sadly been torn down.

I was just think about the past with closure of the remaining stretch of Old Jurong Road between 12 mile to Bukit Batok Road and I saw your site mention my dad and mum (both sadly deceased now) and my sisters.

Your photos brought back so many memories for me.

Thank you so much.