History of Jurong Crescent Road - now replaced by Pioneer Mall

1950's - RAF Jurong Transmitting Station
1950's - CRTS - Jurong Civil Radio Transmitting Station
1960's - JRTS - Jurong Radio Transmitting Station
1960's - SBC - Singapore Broadcasting Corporation
1970's - Singapore Telecom
2000's - Replaced by Pioneer Mall
- Occupied an area of more than 5 acres

- It was situated at 14 M/s in Upper Jurong Road near where the Nanyang University Arch once stood

- JRTS housed the aerial field, the transmitting complex and quarters for the JRTS and Telecoms staff

- Both shared a common entrance

- Situated on one side was the Telecom Station, and on the opposite side was JRTS

- The transmitters were used during the Japanese Occupation in the 40s for the AM transmission

- Later it was used for AM/FM, Short / Medium waves transmission until it was closed down in the 1990s

- The whole compound was shared among the staff of Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC) and the staff of Telecom

- They joined the same "Jurong Club" within the premises, patronized the same canteen and shared certain living quarters

- The total combined population was about 200 over people