Story contribution to Mr.Singam's new book

Period: 1960 to 1974

Looking at an open field with rubber trees, as the wind rustle through, you could hear the tall majestic casuarina tree leaves moving, you smell the tranquility and peace of a rural country side - Jurong Staff Quarters at Jurong Crescent Road.

My father works as a technician for Singapore Telecoms (Jurong) from 1958 to 1974.

As a bachelor, he stayed together with a couple of similar bachelor colleagues in staff quarters provided for a year before getting his own unit number 60, a two-storey block of seven homes.

Jurong Staff Quarters
Front View of Woon Family Home (Unit No. 60)
Allocated as rental to employees working in Civil Radio Transmitting Station (Singapore Telecom).

In 1985, I decided to visit my old home to see what happened to it.
I was lucky to be able to view my old home for one last time before it was demolished and replaced with Pioneer MRT Station as it is now

woon yew thong jurong
1985 - Woon Yew Thong with wife, sister and brother